Disposable Isolation Gown 40g

$22.78 USD

  • Breathable Design: 40 GSM, 40g protection gown is strong enough for tough duties while still being comfortably breathable and flexible.
  • Practical Design: The gown features fully closed, double tie backs. Easily can be worn with gloves to provide protection.
  • Fine Design: The gown is made from lightweight, non-woven materials that ensures fluid resistance.
  • Proper Size Design: The gown is designed to fit men and women of all sizes while providing comfort and flexibility.

    Anti-Fungal, Anti-Dust, Anti-Pollutants, Waterproof, Breathable Fabric
  • Usage: Used for isolation of common pollutants; Store in dry, well-ventilated area
    1 Pack consist of 10pcs