$1,850.00 SGD

- Headlight Sensor ($850)
- Handbag ($180) 
- 3 Sets Color Light Cap ($15)
- 2 Batteries ($80)
- Battery Charger ($25)
- Battery Holder ($50)
- 3.5 X Telescopic Magnifying Lens ($650)

Product Feature:
1. It is made of PC material, light and flexible, which makes it comfortable for users to wear
2. Using the world’s top medical-grade LED light source, color temperature 5000k.
3. Double lamp design, the Angle of irradiation and eye are synchronization, no difference in Angle of view.
4. Wireless, Lithium battery power and the charger has the protection of over-charging so it can extend the battery life.
5. Patented product, we have CE, FCC, CFDA

Product Specifications:
Product: Neurosurgery Instruments 
Type: Medical Headlight 
Weight: 110g 
Working Distance: 30cm - 50cm 
Color Temperature (K): 5000K 
Lighting Time: 2-12hours 
Brightness: 0-100,000 lux 
Range, Adjustable Diameter: 165mm - 220mm 
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery 
Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery 
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Certifications: CE, FCC, CFDA