$78.00 SGD

No toxic chemicals

No artificial colours

No sulphates

No silicones

No parabens

Prevents premature hair loss by boosting scalp microcirculation and cellular oxygenation. Controls sebum production to inhibit dandruff formation. Helps promote overall scalp health.


ExoMatrix™, highly purified molecules that shield the scalp against pollutants such as fuel exhaust and cigarette smoke. By preventing these particles from adhering to skin and strands by 44%, and protecting against UV damage by 28%, it can strengthen the scalp against premature ageing.

EcoSkin™ Pre/Probiotic Complex, to inhibit growth of bad bacteria that can affect the natural health of hair and scalp.

Phyto-R2, a unique blend of ginger extract and bisabolol to calm irritation on the scalp.

Pentavitin®, a biomimetic ingredient that replicates the effects of the skin’s natural moisturising factor for up to 72 hours - in vivo tests reveal that frequent use can reduce sebum by 40% and flaking by 55%.

BioCeraplex 136™, which effectively repairs barrier function and replenishes moisture to a sensitive and damaged scalp.

Arazyme™, a bioengineered metalloprotease derived from the Korean Golden Orb Spider, to improve cellular renewal.

After using MoistureLock Invigorator Shampoo, apply onto hair and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Suitable for chemically damaged and colour-treated scalp and hair. Can be used every day.

  • Fulvic Acid
  • Multi-Molecular BioHyal Complex
  • Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin
  • Tea Tree Extract